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Kumar Pallav

Hi Laurie,

Ashley has helped us a lot in answering most of the questions related to javascript. We have a couple of questions remaining 

Rise is unusable for us without JavaScript too. Do you have any color on how smooth the interaction between a web application and rise will be? Also, what is the cost (in terms of effort) of integrating rise and a web application 

Thank you!

Laurie Noffs

I am not a programmer, but at the bottom of the index.html there is a short js function. Our programmer added a custom js function to this and called it up in their  root.Runtime function. For us, it directs our web app to give a user credit for taking the lesson. You need someone who understands your web app and writes js!

Laurie Noffs

Hi Alex, We have a custom "eLearning Center" built into our client websites that gives credit (shows completion) of each lesson as some are required for incentive programs. The added js in the Rise html creates a function that communicates with this elearning center.

function finish(e) {
if(e >= 100) {
return window.parent.elearning_complete();

James Wallace

I have a leader board that I built in Storyline. It uses JavaScript to query the xAPI statements in a Learning Records Store and find the learner names and scores associated with the specific course, sort them and assign the values to Storyline variables. I'd like to use it in a Rise course. I exported the Rise course and added the xapiwrapper and my .js file that defines my function to the index.html file in the Rise course, The function gets defined, but it is never executed by the Storyline slide. Is this because the Storyline slide is inserted from Review 360, which doesn't really like to execute JavaScript? Has anyone else gotten something like this to work in Rise using JavaScript and Storyline variables?