customize storyline block play button

Jul 16, 2021

Hey !

I was wondering if it was possible to customize the play button on storyline blocks. I think there's no possibility in Rise, but can it be done through storyline? (maybe some otpion I haven't seen yet?)


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Thibault,

On desktop computers, you'll see a play button if the Storyline block contains any kind of media on the first slide. Does your first slide contain a video?

To get rid of this play button, you can create a new first slide in the Storyline content that mimics the current first slide but doesn't have any media on it. 

Simply duplicate the first slide to create a copy of it. Then, delete the video, and replace it with a screenshot of the video where the video would go. Finally, add your own play button that jumps to the next slide. 

Thibault Jeuland

I've seen that solution for the desktop computers, and I don't have any media on the slides anyway.

I'm in fact looking for a solution for mobiles. I've seen it's not possible to get rid of the play button on mobile. I was just wondering if I could somehow personalize that play button (its renderer have to be created somewhere) to make it clearer for the users.

Not a critical problem, but would be greate for the course ux :) 

Thibault Jeuland

I have found a little workaround :

The storyline activity name is displayed on the play button covering.

I rename the storyline activity to show the users the instruction I want (like "click on play button to start the activity"). Like this, the instruction only appears when the user is on mobile or tablet

Hope it can be of use to other people..