Do you translate your Rise courses in multiple languages? Let's connect!


My team and I recently started using Rise. We have to translate our courses into 13 different languages and then add them as separate courses in our LMS (Docebo). I'm looking to connect with others who have to translate their Rise courses. I'd love to understand the workflow you have in place and what you're doing to stay organized and efficient.  



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Cass Netzley

Hi Danielle,

We use Rise as a mainstay for content creation, We also use Docebo for our LMS (switched from using Litmos/ViewCentral previously). English is used as the primary language for all our content, but we're often asked for custom courses with native language options.  Translation costs can be hefty, and using internals to help with translating is not cost effective. The following help program has allowed us to explore translating our self-study courses in native languages catering to countries where a predominant amount of our customers reside around the globe.

Hero Translate:

The above program leverages the power of AWS translation AI to make short work of a baseline translation (from an exported Articulate XLFF) and then reimported. All within a matter of minutes after you have the initial setup/AWS account (free option available, and efficient cost scale by the word after going past initial bucket). We then have a native language speaker from our team do an audit of the translated content (Articulate Review) and implement the requested changes. AWS translation does a lot of the heavy lifting, but on some translations becomes a bit rigid in language nuances and word ordering-- we like to maintain a conversational tone with the content and keep the technical writing in our accompanying lab manuals.

As for organizing it all-- it definitely takes the buy in and efforts of our team to manage it all. Lot's of moving parts. Trello, and twice a week Zoom check-in's by project leads/managers helps navigate it all.

I've been transitioning into a role outside of content creation and 'Product' this year, but was previously the 'Owner' for all Rise source materials. It was quite a handful during the LMS migration as I was doing version control with naming tags with the Rise tile management, and all kinds of tricks to try and keep some semblance of order in there. I hope the Articulate/Rise team brings some new features and options about to help with the over abundance of tiles/projects some people on this forum are now dealing with.  A few things would be really helpful. Team based folders, transfer ownership of folders-- not project by project, mass assign of team roles across selected projects, etc).

Feel free to contact me via my profile details if you'd like to continue dialog about Rise, Docebo, translations, managing it all.