Entering Unicode Characters in Rise 360

Aug 25, 2019


I need to enter icons in line with text in Rise 360. Had seen in some other discussion that entering a unicode character or copy pasting it will help. But that's not working for me. I am working on Windows 10. 

Any suggestions?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tarangini. Right now, inserting images or icons inline with text is not supported in Rise 360. You may be able to copy and paste unicode symbols and characters if they are included in the font you're using.

Can you use an image & text block instead to show the icon and the accompanying text?

Antonio Scribano

it would be awesome to have the ability of adding inline icons.

This is particulary useful in some cases. I.e.: adding a Note block explaining how to activate Closed Captions on videos.

In the case above, I would use the CC icon in the Note text, in order to have the user easily find the Closed Caption button.

Thank you