Examples of Inserting Emotions into a RISE web-based-training

Mar 22, 2023

Does anyone have an example course or inserting emotional intelligence/learning into a web-based training? If so, would you please share the link? Please and thank you! 

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Gren Foronda

Hi Karin!

Rise 360 has an extensive collection of Real Content and Lesson templates that you can use to create a complete course, or can easily mix with your own original content.

Here is a sample Real Content Template on Emotional Intelligence:

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
    Develop emotional intelligence by expanding your personal and social competencies.

And here are some Lesson Templates about Emotional Intelligence (EQ):

  • What Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?  
  • Improving Your Self-Awareness  
  • Strategies for Boosting Self-Regulation  
  • Increasing Your Self-Motivation  
  • Developing Empathy  Enhancing Your Social Skills 

You can view the complete list of Content and Lesson Templates here:

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have additional questions!