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Jacob Burris

Hi, I see this discussion is years old, but I'm currently getting an error (says, "Something Went Wrong") when I try to export a RISE course to PDF.  I do have a process block in the course, but this thread suggests the issue was resolved.

I've tried exporting with Edge and Chrome.  Any other suggestions?

Felix Franke

Hi, sorry to reanimate this ancient thread, but I have exactly the same problem, download of a course exported to pdf does not work.

I get the email, get to the page with the download link, but it just does not download. Been through the procedure about 5 times now, at some stage it even showed up in the downloads (but with 0KB downloaded and no progress).

I do NOT have a process block in the course (never had), it is a small course (actually just a first draft).

When I click on the download link, nothing happens. Absolutely nothing.



Hazel Bartolome

Hi Felix! So sorry you are encountering issues in downloading your course to PDF. Does this happen only to this course or all of your Rise courses? 

If it happens to just one course, can you duplicate the course and then try to download the PDF from the duplicate? 

If you're still having trouble, please open a case with us here and one of our technical support engineers will be glad to assist you.