Fillable Text Boxes

Jul 11, 2019


I am new to uses Articulate Rise, and so far love it.  I was wondering if there is any feature that allows for a fillable text box to be added?  Or could this be a feature that could be added in the future?  My team and I are building a module that would need a fillable text box to add personalized notes or completion dates.  i'm hoping this is possible and am open to any creative solutions.

Thank you

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Dorothy Miller

Hi Crystal

Thanks for getting back to me.  An ungraded essay question might be a good example. 

As the learner goes through the Rise learning they might be asked at different points to add reflection notes before moving on, and a fillable text box block would allow them to do this. I did manage to do a workaround using Storyline and bring in a fillable text box, but an option directly in Rise would be a lot smoother.

Many thanks.