How can I get the divider in Rise to work with a Storyline Block?

Sep 25, 2019


When I insert a Storyline Block into Rise 360, the "Continue" divider constantly appears, even when I select "Complete Block Directly Above". 

When I publish the block to Rise, I am unable to add a completion trigger in the Storyline content as the "Track using complete course trigger" it is greyed out .  I have the latest version of Storyline installed.

How can I change this so that the "Continue" divider only shows "Continue" once the Storyline Block is complete? 

Appreciate your help with this one!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Fay! Happy to lend a hand.

Open the Storyline 360 file, and navigate to the last slide in the content. Add this trigger to the last slide: Complete course when the timeline starts on the current slide. 

Next, publish the content to Review 360. Select Track using complete course trigger. 

Now in Rise 360, replace the Storyline block with the most current version. 

For more details on that process, check out this handy article! Give it a try, and let me know how it goes. 

Fay Sicker

Hi Alyssa,

I gave that a go and it still didn’t work. 

When I added the trigger, the Track using complete course trigger option became available. I selected this and published the file to rise, but when I import it as a Storyline Block, the Continue divider still shows even when the content has not been completed. 

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Holly Greene


I've used this feature a few times before yet only with the Rise divider set to complete block directly above with a trigger placed to complete in the SL file.  I'm trying to use a divider to continue on complete all blocks above. I want this divider to continue once the learner has completed the SL file and the Rise Knowledge Check.  It's not working.  Any suggestions?

Thank you!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Holly! Thanks for your question! First I would try narrowing down the issue to either the Storyline Block or the Knowledge Check block. Here's how:

  1. Duplicate the lesson. Do this so you can experiment with delete blocks without actually losing your work. 
  2. In the duplicate lesson, delete the knowledge check block. Does the continue button work if the knowledge check block is deleted?
  3. Duplicate the original lesson again, and this time delete the Storyline block. Does the continue button work if the Storyline block is deleted?
  4. Finally, double-check to ensure there are no other block types in the lesson that need to be completed to enable the continue button.

Let me know if that helps you find the culprit! 

Carol Stout

Hi Alyssa and Crystal

We have a client that wants every storyline block within Rise completed before continuing.  There will about 60 of these in the Rise Lesson when finished.  I have tried everything you suggested above. We have spent hours troubleshooting. We have tried setting the triggers with a Course complete, a Quiz with Course complete. We have tried making the Rise360 restricted.  We have tried in the Tracking Options the "When the learner has viewed 100%" Everything that was tested works in Storyline. The course even exits when timeline ends in Storyline.  There are no Triggers of "visited" or anything that would interfere.  Please, Please help.  It just seems that the Tracking Options just aren't coming over into Rise.  

I have attached one of our Test Projects.  It does have a trigger for Exiting when timeline ends on this test. We have also tested it with Complete the course When user clicks the oval.

Julian Rose


I have a very similar problem, but opposite to the original post. I have set a completion trigger, but the subsequent continue divider in Rise never changes to Continue. 

My first attempt to embed a Storyline block in Rise. I downloaded a Storyline "template" from and modified it. My changes include a completion trigger. I publish this to Review360 with "complete course trigger" set to "Track using complete course trigger".

When I embed this Interactive Storyline within my Rise360 course and preview it, the following Continue divider (set with "Complete Block Directly Above") never changes to "Continue". It is always stuck on the hint text. 

I surmise Rise is not getting the completed trigger, but recognises one is available. I guess I have my Storyline trigger condition wrong. I have tried several changes, all with the same result in Rise runtime. Pls see attached showing tab1 condition. Tabs 2, 3 & 4 are similar. 

Maybe it is easiest if I can send you my story and can you advise how to correctly set the trigger please?