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I've just started using Rise and I have some questions.  Is there  place that tells me the image dimensions (ie:  Image and Text, Image size for the accordion, etc.).  My client thinks the font is too small in the image description, so I was going to overlay it on the image, but it keeps cutting it off and I'll be here all day trying to figure out the image size.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

There isn't a place within Rise to showcase the image sizes for each of the varying lesson or block types, but we have some documented best practices here for working with images and other media elements in Rise. 

For the image you're using with the text that got cut off, were you using the "text on image" block type? I was playing with the built in image for that Block just now and was able to add a fair amount more text to it, and the sizing automatically starts to show more of the image based on how much text I'm adding so I wasn't able to get it to be cut off. The image once it has expanded to the entire height of the image does start to zoom in on the image and cut off a side of the image. So it's continuing to automatically resize to match the amount of text you've looked at including. 

If you've got a sample Rise course link and the original image that you'd like our team to take a look at we'd be happy to. That way we can ensure we're talking about and seeing the same thing. Feel free to share here in the ELH forums if you're ok with it being public and if you'd like to share privately you can send along to our Support Engineers here. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Denise!

We recommend using the highest quality image that you have available--the larger the dimensions, the better! We've tested with images widths as wide as 8000px, and they look great.

If we can have a look at your Rise course link and the original image, we can possibly make some recommendations based on the image you're using. You can share those here in the thread, or if you'd like to share privately, you can send them along to our Support Engineers here. 

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa,

Rise chopps off the height of the image, if used full-width.

The original template for full-width image has even higher height, so I wonder if there is some ratio rule you could let us know? I have already read the article ( , no such infos there!

Is there a  to overcome it? (Please see the attached images)

Many thanks!!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Irina!

Rise displays images in different sizes and ratios depending on the device you're using, especially in those full-width image blocks. For example, the way an image is cropped on a tablet is completely different than the way it's cropped on a phone.

In other words, there's no ratio rule to follow since the image will be cropped differently depending on the device that's used. That's the beauty of fully-responsive content--it reflows and resizes to fit the device/screen you're using.

Eric Bryant

I'm having a similar issue with photos in a 4-column grid. I'm putting photos of all of our senior leadership into the grid, but in about half of the photos the tops of their heads are being cut off (I've checked and it's happening for every type of device). Our marketing team wants to help me resize the images so that the full image appears, but they need some guidance.  I do notice that it seems to happen more with the photos taken in portrait vs. landscape.

Thanks for any help.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cindy,

I have seen others experience an issue with image files when they are authoring Rise within IE, which is not a supported environment.

You can find supported web browsers for authoring and viewing responsive Rise courses here.

If you need us to take a look at one of your image files, feel free to share.

Kate Hayward

I am also having trouble with images chopping within the gallery frames. No matter what device or what format (landscape or portrait, the frame chops off part of the image. If I knew two aspect rations (one for landscape and one for portrait), I think I could figure out how to size images so that they look like they fit into the frames.

Tom Kuhlmann

Generally, here's the advice I give for the Rise workshops:


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Tina!

While there isn't a way to increase the size of the circular image in a Quote Carousel Block, you may want to explore using a Process Block instead?

A Process Block has much larger images, and you can set it up to function similarly to a Quote Carousel. Here's a sample of what that could look like! 

Jamie Curry

Hi. I am having image issues using the Gallery block and the three or four column grids. Images used to shrink down to the proper size to view the whole image and then zoom when clicked for the full view.

Over the last few months images have automatically zoomed to much larger than their actual resolution which cuts off the image. When you hover over and click to zoom the whole image appears at its proper size. 

I am attaching two screenshots. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with the Gallery Block and for including those pictures.

Be sure that you're using the highest quality images for your Rise course for the best result.

For this particular block, I would recommend using images that are square in size to prevent the zooming effect that you are seeing.

Check out how they look different based on the shape of the image:

The latter picture is created with some space around the image to generate a square like this:

Hope that helps :)

Jamie Curry

Thanks Leslie.

That is semi-helpful. The gallery blocks didn't used to behave this way. I have older courses that automatically sized the images properly without have to resize the image with additional space on the sides.

Resizing also isn't possible when using images from the Content Library. It makes the content library pretty much unusable in those blocks. 

Is this issue currently being worked? 

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for that feedback Jamie.

The 1:1 aspect ratio is how the gallery blocks were designed and if the images used are a different ratio, the full size will be displayed when zoomed in. I know Tom shared some best practices about this above.

I do understand your point about the Content Library images, so I will be sure to share this with my team so we can keep a pulse on this.