Improve PDF Export from Rise

Hello Articulate team,

Just would like to know if you plan to improve the quality of PDF export from Rise ? If yes, when do plan to make it available ?

We have more and more requests from our customers to get our digital guide from Rise in PDF format. However, as of today, the PDF export is just not usable due to the outcome layout which is not well supported during the PDF publication.

Thank you for your feedback on that topic.




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Ryan Morrison

Hi, I have this concern too, here are a few oddities, as I open the pdf exports on Acrobat Pro on a newer iMac.

  1. Some pdfs export with all the content at a reduced size, while some courses do not. 
  2. Using Arial Bold in the module, shows super-compressed/tracked in the pdf rendering the text illegible almost
  3. Footnotes (a list) at the bottom of a lesson with all the same font size, exports with a random one of those list items at a reduced font size—odd
  4. Knowledge Assessment questions don't show the correct answer or any feedback (not necessarily a "wrong" part of the pdf export, but would be great to have the option)

Overall, not horrible, but would be great to have a somewhat better output for pdfs, and even some pdf output options out of Rise.