Increase the Size of the Logo on the Cover Page

Nov 16, 2017

Rise seems to insert the logo at a fixed size on the cover page. Is it possible to make it larger? It appears quite small even on smartphones.

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Katie Riggio

Hi John,

Good morning!

The Rise logo feature has a fixed size, but removing any whitespace surrounding it before upload should help make your logo appear as large as possible. I might even recommend incorporating your logo within your Cover Photo.

Since Rise is responsive, the logo will be automatically scaled up or down to fit the maximum height on the specific device used, while keeping the appropriate aspect ratio at the same time. 

I hope this helps!


Stuart Marshall

I think the logo actually stays the same size on all devices. You can change the size (after exporting the course) by editing css file if you are comfortable doing that. You just need to tweak what is already there for .overview__logo>img to include a width and height value. I do this to have our logo display at the size I upload (174x140px). You might want to experiment with different sizes to see what suits your logo. Here is the code I use:

.overview__logo>img {
display: block;
height: 140px;
width: 174px;
Janine Whitling

That's ridiculous. The logo size is inadequately proportioned. We should be able to submit logos of larger sizes. Articulate, please remedy this as my clients are consistently complaining about the size of the logo. As I don't publish the files but hand over the publishable files for their own LMS, its not realistic to give them directions for coding their own file. This is something that should be editable within the authoring tool

Would appreciate if you could amend this so we have better control of the logo sizing.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janine, 

I'm sorry you've run into such trouble with the logo sizing. Could you tell me a bit more about the size of your logo and how you'd like it to appear with the cover photo? That would help our team as they look into Rise improvements or it may point us to another idea for you. 

Did you already look at removing extra white space or incorporating the logo into the image you used for your cover photo? 

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