Increase the Size of the Logo on the Cover Page

Nov 16, 2017

Rise seems to insert the logo at a fixed size on the cover page. Is it possible to make it larger? It appears quite small even on smartphones.

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Vijay Kumawat

Take this as a +1 for the logo size option.

The Launch page does not have any options. It would be great if we have block type options on the launch page.

For eg. in our recent course, client had a requirement to add a disclaimer text below the TOC which is not available. Client wanted to add a product icon apart from the company logo on launch page. This is not available. Can you add these features in the next release list. Is it possible to share the list of features Articulate is considering to be added in next updates?

Audrey Greenfield
Apologies for bringing this up again, but this request seems so basic, and it is hard to believe it could really be such a difficult fix for your programmers?

Considering how fundamental a logo is to branding, once again I respectfully beg you to bring this issue to the attention of someone who can address it…

Please show them this screen shot of our logo on a smart phone preview (looks way worse in the other preview formats):

tiny logo

Surely this is worthy of one more cry for attention…

Thanks for everything else,


Amber Rominger

Please allow me to make logo larger. It's not even legible on my course!

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