Increasing the character limit on matching/sorting questions

Oct 18, 2022


I am building many courses in Rise, and throughout the modules, we have a check your knowledge. I like to use the sorting/matching question types, but the limited character limit makes it hard to be able to use this feature. 

Is there a possibility to increase the character limit to be able to use more descriptive terminology to match with statements? 


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Gren Foronda

Hi Megan!

Thanks for reaching out!

To ensure that Rise 360 matching knowledge checks (and quiz questions) look good on any device, choices and matches have a 90-character limit.

We're tracking the need for additional characters, so I'll add your vote to that request. We'll update this post once we have new updates to share.

Rise 0


It is a constant issue to for instance , take old storyline quizzes  or quizzes from other applications and adapt to rise.
Although i like the principle of less is more, in this case it is an constant pain when asked to transfer old stuff or transferring from other applications to rise.

The same goes for the scenarios.