Indefinite Access to the Most Up-to-Date Rise Job-Aids

Oct 23, 2022

Hi all, 

In our organization we want our learners to be able to bookmark in their browser Rise Job Aids and have indefinite access to the most up-to-date content even after: a) making edits to the job-aids, b) even when the curriculum in which the job-aid was incorporated is currently inactive or outdated. 

My question is: In what format should we embed the Rise job-aid in our LXP in order to ensure that learners will have indefinite access to the latest version of our job-aid even when the curriculum they completed is currently inactive? 

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Lea Agato

Hi Iasmi!

I’m more than glad to help with your queries. To clarify, did you create your Rise Job Aids courses that you created from scratch, or are you using  Rise-authored pre-built courses? If the Rise Job Aids aren’t courses, could these perhaps be attachments you’ve added to your course?  If it's the latter, are you looking for a way to keep these attachments accessible indefinitely? Thanks!