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Trina Rimmer

Hi Michele. There isn't currently a way to dynamically pause a video and branch to another video in Rise. You would need to edit the video into segments at the point where you'd want it to pause, and then use the button block (located under the interactive blocks menu) to branch to the next video. From there, you could use additional button blocks to branch to the next segment of the video, picking up where the original video left off. 

Another option would be to use Articulate Storyline 360 for this project since it gives you the capability to pause and resume media files, as well as trigger layers of additional content. You can learn more about pausing a video and triggering layers in Storyline 360 in this thread

Michele Valkov

You're awesome! Thanks for the quick response--can't be underestimated when working on a project in real time.  I understand.  I will try chunking the video and using buttons.  I knew I could do this in Storyline but have been touting the simplicty, esthetic, magazine-y look, and rapid release to all of my colleagues so I'm locked in now:)  Thanks again, Trina.