Is it possible to upload a Storyline 360 slide as a Rise 360 quiz question?

There are so many great slide templates available in Storyline 360, but I haven't found a way to upload any of them as a question and include it with a Rise 360 quiz. The (4) options that are available to use with quizzes, are: Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill-in-the-blank, and Matching. Seems pretty limited in that regard. Does anyone know if I could use quiz slides from Storyline 360 in a Rise 360 Quiz? I know how to upload them to Review 360 and publish them as knowledge checks but I want to use them in the quiz.

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Shiloh! 

Thanks for reaching out!

Correct, while you can't have them as a slide or question in the Quiz Section in Rise 360, you can create the whole quiz in Storyline 360 and insert this as a Storyline 360 block for Rise 360. 

Then you can track the Storyline 360 block as the completion for the Rise 360. I'll let my team know you'd like to see more question types in Rise 360 in the future. If we make any changes that help, we'll share when we can!