Is there an autoplay for the audio ?

Aug 04, 2017


Is there an option autoplay for the audio ?

In storyline, we used to automatically launch the audio each time the learner change the slide.

Here in RISE, I fear he will skip or forget to activate the audio block in a lesson.

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I agree with nearly everyone else's statements above that having an auto-play option for audio I'm inserting is crucial for my courses. The audio isn't just an 'extra' or a learning block on its own (this wouldn't be in line with best practices for either learning or accessibility), but is an important part of the learning that happens through an entire course. 

Nick Forse

Came here looking for why autoplay couldn't be activated while testing a trial, what a disappointment...
I don't understand the reluctance after reading this forum? It seems like lots of people aim to use this in closed systems. Why does the development team not want to offer it as an option? 

This system would have been perfect for my needs but is a deal breaker, every person will ask why the audio doesn't autoplay.

IVH Education

I agree with all of the other comments here. In order to have our courses be ADA compliant, we must have audio and it is a huge hassle to the learners to always click on the play button. Please reconsider, and create a way to have auto-play for audio. Unfortunately, I think this will be a deal breaker for me as well. I was really looking forward to utilizing Rise 360 when creating courses. 

Jeni Risgaard

Has anything new happened on this to either be able to autoplay audio and video, or at least a viable workaround?  I saw an earlier comment about inserting a Storyline block that will autoplay - is there a tutorial for how to insert that somewhere?

I'll add my voice to the crowd - I've worked with Storyline for a while but just recently discovered all the great features in Rise.  I'm creating my first course now, but the lack of an autoplay feature likely means I won't be using it much, which is really disappointing. 

Crystal Horn

"We believe that requiring some kind of action from the user, such as clicking a button before playing audio, is the right approach to ensure a unified experience for all learners."...

I understand the argument, however, even the most modern browsers requiring interaction only require it once. Meaning, if I have a course with multiple audio segments, I should be able to add a "narration" block where I ask users if they want audio on. If they select yes, they meet the interaction requirement of the browser environment and everything should auto play from there. 

Adding my +1 to the feature request with the modification as noted above to fit browser requirements.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jeni! Thanks for letting us know this feature is important to you. We haven't made any updates yet, but in the meantime, this Storyline Block tutorial will get you going in the right direction. 

Thanks for that insight, Owen. I understand where you're coming from, and I'll be sure to pass along your feedback to our Product team!

Sven Laurik

I had clients interested in Rise, but they decided it was not usable due to the audio playback issue. It really limits the attractiveness of the platform for anything other than the most basic elearning design.  Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative responsive development tools? 

Martin Dunne

Yes, this feature is of the utmost importance to the community of developers and Instructional designers that are CRYING out for this feature. I think it is pretty strange that something so sought after and requested, here in this thread and similar threads, has not been addressed. We understand that there are workarounds.

  1. Forcing the learner to click all the audio buttons by the idea of content locking, via the Continue button (complete all blocks above)". This is not a good workaround as it may confuse a user as to what interaction they need to interact with, also there's no way to actually see if a particular audio element has been clicked/interacted with. Maybe a tick indication to say that an interactive element has been activated would be something nice to add. I know similar learning tools that has this feature and it works really well.
  2. Inserting Storyline Block into a Rise course. Yes, there are times in which this is useful and is a fantastic feature BUT, it is totally counter-intuitive to have to insert a Storyline Block into Rise, to just enable an auto-play audio snippet. It defeats the purpose of using Articulate Rise.

We are not asking for the world. I don't believe we are asking too much. What we are asking for are the following

  • Inclusion of an auto-play feature for audio, whether it be a toggle button or option etc. This will allow for the instructional designers to make the decision on the best pedagogical approach to facilitate the most effective and meaningful learning experience possible.
  • Please raise this again, as it is still hindering projects for many of your community of users.

Kindest Regards,
Martin Dunne


Kjell Mathisen


I dare to post again on this topic. This becuse it been put on the edge in my design of courses for the organization. There is courses that are ok without audio, but I am currently trying to manage a course which require audio and I have tested the walk-arounds.

It is a bad solution. Adding that extra click, adding the confusion and the bloch "you have not completed all above" will ruin the learning experience.

I do not agree to your reply for a unfied experience. I do not actuallt understand at all your standpoint. I would assume you have learners and instructional developers in organization so this is not jus another IT stuff.

Rise360 has become a so fantastic tool, easy, looking good, and the scenario block is really nice. Then, having the autoplay issue to fail the whole experience seems odd to me, there is means to make it optional, and for restrictive browsers, in most e-learnings there is a pop-up window and you have to approve content, same here so blaming restrictive browsers is a poor excuse.

I recently (yesterday) finished a course with auto audio play online (from IATA). Not a Rise course though. Looked like a SL or PPT converted corse.

I am curious what the actual issues are? Does it cost too much? Is it to difficult and will be too complex? As I have seen in the posts on this topic it is a most wanted function from very many instructional designers.

Please consider this option now, and listen to the community, please :-)

Have a great weekend.

PS. Btw, the course I needed to do with audio, on pause and I creating a classroom course instead, a pity DS. 


Martin Dunne

I have submitted another feature request for this via the location:

I have also sent a link to this forum in order to highlight the high demand for this feature by all of us.

I would urge everyone on this forum to please do the same to bring some attention to this feature request, as it is not being addressed. Please submit the feature request and confirm you have done so. The only way we will resolve this is together.

Feature Request

Dean Ernst

Ill try again'...

Autoplay audio in Rise!!!

Stop ignoring the request based on your "philosophy". Please listen to the ID's that work with learners/clients etc

Seriously, this is beyond frustrating - your competitors are supporting/making happen autoplay functionality for HTML 5 based responsive courses, why are you still refusing to make this an option for ID's?

Your focus needs to be on making features that enable ID's to have flexibility and options to develop great learning, not limit ways to to use a fundamental media component as basic as audio.

I'm sorry for the tone, but to not listen to the community (3 friggin years!!) and base feature decisions on your fixed ideology not user requests is very insulting :-( shouldn't be a difficult task to implement autoplay for anybody with decent JS skills