Issues uploading images to Rise

Hi guys,

I'm having issues uploading images to Rise. The image uploads but then it sits and hangs at the processing stage before eventually timing out with an error. This doesn't always happen and is quite sporadic. However it does appear to be happening more and more often which is frustrating as it disrupts my workflow.

The image file sizes aren't large at all, and I'm using Chrome but I've also tried other browsers and still have the same issues. 

Any ideas what is going on?

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Crystal Horn

Hey folks, really sorry for the trouble.

Right now, uploading and viewing images in Rise 360 and Review 360 is unavailable. Exporting content from Rise 360 is also unavailable. We’re looking into what went wrong. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more info. 

You can stay up-to-date with the latest information on our status page here. 

Matthew Bibby

I don't think this issue is related to the recent downtime Crystal.

I've been noticing the exact same thing over the past few weeks (and at other times I've used Rise as well). Here's the deal:

You upload an image from your PC, it uploads, starts processing, but never finishes.

To resolve, you have to cancel the image upload and try again. It usually works fine the second time.

This doesn't always happen. I'd say maybe 30% of the time. The images being uploaded are nothing special, just 1280x800 PNGs.

Watching the image process (with the sidebar open) doesn't help and is as fun as it sounds. So I normally just keep working and come back later to fix the images that didn't upload properly.

Crystal Horn

Hey Matthew. I'd say 30% of the time is a bit inconvenient. If this upload failure is somewhat continual for you, we can explore some ideas around why it's happening. I realize it may be hard to catch since it's sporadic, but if you notice any errors in the developer console, those would be helpful details to share with us. Regardless, you can start the conversation with us here!

Karl Muller

Once again I'm having random issues uploading images from the Content Library into a Rise Course.

Typically Rise would get stuck with a "Uploading" message, but this time round, nothing happens.

The image is not uploaded and there is also no message.

Sometimes I get this message "There was an issue uploading. Please try again."

If I try again it may/may not work.