Issues with simple numbered and bulleted lists

May 10, 2022

Trying to format with just simple bullets and lists is incredibly frustrating. I'm not sure why such a simple thing is so difficult. 

I want to do a list like this:

  1. First item
  2. Second item
    1. Sub  bullet
    2. Sub bullet
  3. Third item continuing the list. 

You know, like I was just able to do right there, yet can't do in Rise. Is there any way to do this??


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Karl Muller

Hi Jeffrey,

Yes, it's possible to do this kind of bullet alignment. 

Create your list, and apply the bullet style to all items in the list.

Then select both sub-bullets.

From the Text Formatting Toolbar, on the bottom row, click on the Increase Indent button.

This will indent the sub-bullets and change the bullet style as well.

Note: if you are using a numbered list, be prepared to be even more frustrated because strange things happen to the numbering of the sub-bullets. 

Karl Muller

Hi Jeffrey,

Regarding your second post, don't try and get all the formatting and alignment correct using a single text block.

Rather use a stack of text blocks, sometimes even having only a single line of text in a text block.

It's much easier to get the alignment and indenting correct this way, and from a student perspective it's not obvious that multiple text blocks were used.