JAWS Accessibility Testing Feedback On Rise

May 25, 2023

Articulate has made a lot of progress making Rise more accessible. I recently had a colleague test a Rise course using JAWS. The course includes all the different accessible blocks Articulate recommends. Overall the content was functionally accessible.

We did notice that with flash cards you need to navigate into the card each time to access its contents. You may want to consider using ARIA polite to make it easier for people using screen reading software to access each card’s contents.

We also noticed that focus would be lost sometimes when the zoom button for images was selected or jumping between quiz questions.

The labeled graphic block opens a smaller window as each item is navigated. There can be too much content in that smaller window leading to the screen reader reading text that is not visible to the user. This can impact people who have low vision and use screen reading software.

Additional accessibility feedback includes an issue with the default pie chart view, which does not include labels. The pie chart slices rely on hover states to trigger labels, which are not keyboard focusable.

I just wanted to highlight this feedback to help Articulate continue to improve the accessibility of the Rise platform

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