Knowledge check and Next button issues when revisiting completed Rise course


I've created a Rise course with unrestricted navigation, Previous & Next buttons set to On, and a lesson called Review which contains 4 questions built with the knowledge check block. Course completion is set at 50%.

Unfortunately, we have found that when the course is published to the Cornerstone LMS, learners face a couple of issues if they complete more than 50% of the course, then exit, then relaunch the course at a later time:

  • The Next button disappears from the end of lessons the learner did not complete.
  • When learners try to answer any of the knowledge check questions in the Review lesson, on click Submit the screen refreshes as blank. No navigation is available and the only way to escape is to close the browser window. As a result, learners cannot complete any of the knowledge check questions, and if they attempt to, they face a confusing blank screen that requires them to close the browser.

Is there a solution to either of these issues? Are they bugs in Rise? Do they have something to do with the LMS? I'd welcome insight and workarounds if anyone has them.



*Update: Articulate support helped establish that this issue is due to the way the course interacts with our LMS. Thanks, Articulate! I don't have a solution to the problem, so if you are a Cornerstone user who has encountered this or similar issues and have insight to share, please do!*

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