labeled graphic export to PDF not capturing markers

Hello, I am exporting my Rise course to a PDF and only some of the labeled graphics have their "marker notes" export to PDF while others do not. At first glance it seems that if a labeled graphic has more than one marker on the image that is when the information does not translate in the export to pdf. Any advice on how to fix this? 


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Christina. I did a quick test of a labeled graphic block that has 4 markers with labels and descriptions. All 4 of the markers and their information was included in the PDF export.

I see that you submitted a case a short while ago, and one of our teammates will reach out with some next steps! There could be either content in the markers, or something in the browser that is preventing the full information from showing in the PDF.

Crystal Horn

Hi Peter,

We were able to successfully export Christina's course to PDF without any issues. Your labeled graphic markers should appear like this in the PDF: First you'll see the entire image with all of the markers. Then, you'll see a separate image for each marker with the matching description.

image of a PDF with labeled graphic block

image of PDF with single marker and label

If you're still having trouble, try using a different browser to export your course, or even clearing your browser's cache. Let me know if you need more help!