Localization in Rise 360 - Loading time

Jan 25, 2023


I am trying to localize content using XLIFF files. 
I followed the instructions (duplicated and exported the course in XLIFF).
I imported the translation XLIFF file.
I imported the file about two hours ago, and the box still shows "Processing translation". 
The course is only composed of two lessons. One lesson has text and graphics and the other video, so it is not a very complicated course. 
Does it usually take so long to process the translation?  

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Thor Melicher
The first place to start is your workflow.  Rise 360 is very strict and if you deviate from the workflow, you can experience the file not being processed as you described.
The routine is:
1. Duplicate your course.
2. Export the XLIFF file.
3. Translate the XLIFF file.
4. Import the XLIFF file into the duplicated course.
Looking at what you wrote, you're probably good on these steps.  
However, if you did anything else along the way (make a duplicate of a duplicate for example) and try to re-import the XLIFF file into the second duplicate, it won't work.
Another common thing that will make an upload fail is if you update the course after exporting the XLIFF and then trying to import it back in.
If it isn't one of these two things, you can let the Articulate team know by sending in a support case request.
Evan Kaltsos

Hello. I want to test if the translation is imported correctly. I have a draft translation of my course that I want to use for the test.

My question is: If I upload the TEST version, will I be able to upload the FINAL version at a later date? (basically erasing the TEST version and replacing it with the FINAL version). 

Thank you

Gren Foronda

Hi Evan!

Yes, you can upload another version or the Final version of the XLIFF file into your Rise course later. Doing so will overwrite the previous translation that you have imported to the course.

Just make sure that this XLIFF file matches the course -- you should import the XLIFF file into the course where you originally exported your XLIFF file. The XLIFF file is content-specific, so it can't be exported from one deliverable and imported into another.

Let me know if you have additional questions or clarifications! Have a lovely day!

Evan Kaltsos

Thank you Gren!

I had this question because, if I upload my DRAFT version, then the language of the course will be changed. So I thought that, maybe, uploading a FINAL version at a later date would not be possible because the course would be in another language than the original one and the system would consider it as another course. 

Could you kindly re-confirm it would still work?

Thank you so much

Paul Marshall

Hi I am having issues uploading translations. I have quite a few in the queue and stuck on thee first.

1. Duplicate your course.
2. Export the XLIFF file.
3. Translate the XLIFF file.
4. Import the XLIFF file into the duplicated course.  - Stuck here
Not Duplicated the file or changed it since exporting, file names are identical
Attached a copy of the translation