Long word in course title is wrapping

Jun 02, 2023


I wanted to request an update for an issue we are having with Rise. The word is too long for the box and there seems to be no way around it besides maybe a hyphen.

This has been discussed here in these two archived posts (coincidentally they are both the same word we're having trouble with, "communications") but they are old and I don't see any resolution: 



Any insight on this issue is appreciated. Thank you!

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Angelo Cruz

Hello there! 

This was raised to our QA team and was determined to be not an issue or defect. Rise defines a way to wrap text and break words without compromising the layout. If a word won't fit the viewport in portrait mode, the string would be broken where it will overflow.

As mentioned in one of the posts you shared, a possible workaround for this situation is to add a soft hyphen. See Crystal's comment in this post for more information.

Let me know if you have any questions.