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Veronika Pöhnl


I stumbled across this old thread and it seems to be the only one dealing with the "soft hyphen" problem I'm currently dealing with. Especially in German courses there are often long words and titles which don't break down correctly when seperated into different lines, I'd like to enter soft hyphens to indicate the correct break ups when neccessary. I found the soft hyphen in the linked Unicode list but I'm not sure how to enter them in Rise, I'd be glad if anybody could help me.

Crystal Horn

Veronika, I apologize! This speedbump is my fault. Please try alt+0173. We've tested this on a Windows keyboard (using the numeric keypad), and you can directly enter the soft hyphen to your course titles, lesson titles, and text blocks. The hyphen should only appear when changing the browser size forces a line break. Otherwise, there will be no space or indication that the hyphen is there.

Let me know if that works better! And I'll edit my above reply to reflect the correct unicode.

Jordyn Matusevich

Hi Crystal - I don't think I'm doing this right. Am I to hold down alt while i type 0173 while my cursor is at the syllable breaks? Is it supposed to create an actual hyphen when i preview the title in rise? That doesn't seem to be changing my title. Thanks for clarification!  

Jordyn Matusevich

Hi Crystal,

Thanks! So I got that to work, but it also creates a hyphen in the main title (As well as the sidebar title).  I just wanted the hyphen to show up on the sidebar. I am assuming its either both are like their or neither - is that correct? Thanks for the follow up.