More language built in labels in Articulate Rise

Dec 11, 2020

Can we have a more choice to select more languages built in labels in Articulate Rise. This helps during localizations process. Its always a extra step to ask for translation for these each time we proceeds with multilingual production.

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Amy Lewis

Any progress on this? The "additional languages" request has been open for over 5 years. It's a bit absurd to expect every subscriber to independently pay for translation of the same 130 terms when Articulate could generate and publish these languages one time for everyone. It's also crazy that Articulate seems to have shut down all threads where users are trying to share their Xliff UI files to avoid this extra cost. It would take a translation company a couple weeks and under $5000 total to push out all the major global business and regional languages, which would save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars across Articulate's subscribers.

In addition to English, Spanish, French and German, Articulate should offer at a minimum default UI translations for Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, Italian, and Dutch.