More question types

Nov 16, 2016

Are more question types going to be included? It seems that only a multiple-choice (single answer) option is available. Would be good to see multiple-choice (multiple answers) and sorting questions etc.

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Jeanne Smith

Sorry Ryan for the delayed response,  I just realised the question was for me. I used H5P (course presentation activity) to construct the open ended question. Then I used the embed activity to add it to Rise by copying the iframe code generated in H5P.  I would much prefer if I could construct the activity all in Rise so it would match in look and feel and tighten development times.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robert,

Some development timelines have shifted in Rise, and the new quiz question types were one of the features impacted. Thanks for letting us know the specific question types you'd like to see!

We're still working hard on a ton of new features in Rise, and adding new question types is still on our roadmap. We'll keep you updated in this discussion once we have an accurate ETA to share!

Crystal Horn

Hi Lisa and Julie!  New question types are still in development - I know it has been awhile since they were promised.  We've got some good stuff in the works, and we'll let you know as soon as we start releasing them.

As a workaround, Dorrien offers some great examples of using the multiple choice question format to create other question types.  I hope that helps in the interim!

Frederick Bergeron

Would it be possible to have the answer shuffling option for each individual questions instead of a general setting for all the questions?

In my quizzes I'm often using numbers as possible answers, and for those type of answers I don't want it to be shuffling... numbers should always be presented in ascendant order. So now I'm stuck at having all other questions not been shuffling if I want to keep numbers in order... Not the best solution. Having that feature by questions will solve that problem.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jo, 

I'm sorry for the delay! As Crystal mentioned, the timing on this has shifted and we're still working on these question types and targeting before the end of this year (Q4 '17).  Forecasting release dates is also a bit new for us - so we're learning and refining that process as we go. 🙂

If you wanted to let me know what other things you're looking to see, I'm happy to give an update on those too! 

I can promise that once these question types are released, we'll update folks in this discussion and a few others. You won't need to ask us for an update. 😀