NEW IN RISE 360: Scenario Block

May 07, 2019

Today we released the scenario block for Rise 360, and we think you’re going to love it.

Now you can easily add branching scenarios featuring Content Library 360 characters to Rise 360 projects. Just drop dialogue, responses, and feedback into a scenario block to walk learners through choices and their consequences. And because it’s Rise 360, your scenario will look stunning on any device.

See the new scenario block in action:

Learn more about working with the scenario block and explore an example in Trina’s article. We can’t wait to see what you create with this new block type!

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Alyssa Gomez

Ah, that makes sense Erika! 

Using Storyline 360 for that kind of screen recording interaction is your best bet. You can even embed the Storyline slides seamlessly in your Rise lesson by hiding the player. 

The easiest way to completely hide the Storyline player before you publish to Review 360 is to 1) choose the modern player style, 2) turn off the menus and controls, and 3) select the light player theme.

Birkman International

Hi Alyssa! I am still baffled as to why adding to the character limit is not in the plan. A large number of people clearly want this, and there are feasible options to grant these requests.

The limit on characters makes what could be an AMAZING scenario block superficial at its best. If we can add more characters, AT LEAST to the “text block” then we can add depth to the content.

I’ve worked at 3 companies and I cannot imagine using this tool for training in the various customer-facing or teammate processes we follow without having to spend precious hours trying to truncate the verbiage.

I am currently using it in two courses, and when I show it to my teammates and clients, they SHOULD be like, “Wow that is incredible!” they end up responding like, “Cool, I guess” because it quickly becomes clear that the benefit of the learning is seriously limited by how few characters you allow.

Here’s a screen capture of my proposal and I think I make a pretty good case: 

I honestly don’t think this is just a passing desire from a few instructional designers. I think this is a serious deal-breaker for this feature.

Thank you for your time!

Wendy Farmer

Perhaps you accidently deleted it when adding more content or scenes.   You can recreate it by adding content - then changing it from dialogue to text and then adding a Goto: End Scenario.

Hope that helps

Oops I didn't refresh to see Alyssa had responded -what she said ;-)

wendy seidman

Hi, I followed your instructions and it still is taking me to a page that
says Scenario Complete that I can't find in scenario menu.

So, I put Scenario End as 1.5 and in 1.4 clicked the "1.5" vs end scenario
button. Do you know why I can't fix that? Thanks a ton for your help.

*Wendy Seidman*

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Wendy!

It sounds like Content 1.4 is dialogue content, is that right? 

If so, do not choose "End Scenario" as where the learner will go next for any of the responses. This will bring the learner to the default "Scenario Complete" screen that can't be changed.

Instead, choose "Next in Scene" or a particular content number, like 1.5. 

If you're still struggling, please send me a fullscreen screenshot of Content 1.4, similar to the screenshot above. Thanks!

Sarah Bezanson

Adding to the voices asking for more characters to make this block more meaningful. When using this to build learning pieces to support customer service, I'm abbreviating suggested responses so much that it makes the response not meaningful from a learning standpoint, especially when talking about problem resolution. More characters please!