Using custom characters for Scenarios in Rise

I've been playing around with the new scenarios lesson in Rise. They are awesome for scenario based learning with dynamic feedback. However the characters currently offered are kind of limited, specifically for my industry.

I really wanted to use custom characters in my company's uniforms. It may not be officially supported by Articulate, but swapping the stock characters for custom characters is actually pretty easy. I made this quick video to show you how you can do it too.

Reach out if you have questions.


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Khaled Hassan

Hi, I was trying the same but in 'assets' folder from scormcontent, the Picture can only be opened, not able to export this to Adobe photoshop, guess this is restricted. I am using the Articulate trial version. Is it the reason not being able to do this or any other thing. Look forward to your help

Steve Warren

Brilliant - thanks for taking the time to put this together. We just need to remember that every time we re-export the course, all our lovely work will get overwritten ... so make sure you do this on a "final" version ... and save your images to a backup, just in case "final" isn't so "final" after all ;)