NEW in Rise: Export for Translation

If you need to create courses in multiple languages, you’re going to love this new Rise feature. It allows you to export your course text to an XLIFF file* and then reimport it once it’s been translated. Like magic: all your text is replaced by the translated text. It’s that easy!

NEW in Rise: Export for Translation
*XLIFF files are a translation industry standard, so if you’re working with professional translators, then you shouldn’t have any issues. But what if the translations are being done by a fellow coworker or friend? No problem! If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find a ton of free tools that allow you to easily edit XLIFF files.


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Alexander Westerhof


Quick question, can I export Rise courses as an XLIFF, translate them in any (!) language, also Arabic and Tigrinya, including a translation of all labels in these languages? Will it all work when I import the translated texts? 

I'm asking since I want to know for sure before paying a translation company.

Hope you can clarify this one for me.


Darren McN

I have a course with 14 languages to be used. As a test I exported the English version, sent it for translation and imported the Chinese version back in into a duplicate. It stays on "Processing Translation" for about 15 minutes and then just reverts back to default button of import translated text. The text still stays as English. Any advise?