New Rise Feature: Send a Copy

May 20, 2017

We've shipped another much-requested feature for Rise. You can now easily send a copy of your course to another Rise author. It's a great feature when you need to share a source file with a client or colleague.

Here's a Peek vid on the feature:

Keep in mind that both parties will have an independent copy of the same project. Changes you make to the course won't appear in the other author's version, and vice versa. Soon we will be releasing the Collaborators feature which will allow multiple authors to work on the same course. 


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Crystal Horn

Welcome to Articulate 360, Amy! In addition to the Share URL, you can use the Review option to collect feedback about your course. Your course will be hosted on the Review 360 dashboard, and when you give people that link, they'll be able to leave comments relative to the different lessons in your course.

Let us know how else we can help!

Crystal Horn

Hi Venice! When someone sends you a Share link to their Rise 360 course, they're inviting you to preview the course. Those links look like this:

In order to get a copy that you can edit added to your dashboard, the course owner will need to use the feature described in this post. There isn't a way to copy the course to your dashboard using the Share link. Let me know if you have other questions!

Karl Muller

Hi Troy,

To send a copy of a Rise course, open the Rise dashboard that shows the list of all your Rise courses.

Find the course you want to send a copy of.

Move the cursor over the course name.

Now look on the far right-hand side of the course name where there are three dots.

If you click on the 3 dots, the second option is Send a copy.

Onkar Narharshettiwar

Could someone explain, how a link was created to share the orientation course with anyone who clicks the link. I am in the process of creating a template which could be used by different brands within the organization. I need to create a similar link so that anyone who clicks the link gets the template on their Rise dashboard.