New Rise Feature: Sidebar Visibility

Jan 10, 2018

Hey Everyone,

We released a new feature to Rise today that allows you to set sidebar visibility.

You can now choose to:

  1. Set the sidebar to be open at course launch (default)
  2. Set the sidebar to be closed at course launch
  3. Remove the sidebar completely from the course

Check out this 90 second video for the details:



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Brent McMillan

Perhaps a future option to create a RISE static page would be ideal? So that it doesn't require a sidebar nor splash page, lesson 1ofX counters and the Home & next lesson links.

The interactivity within RISE is getting so good, that it could add a lot of value to information/experience only requiring a static "one-shot" interaction. Rather than the full suite of landing pages and table of contents etc.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian, 

You're right - they're both controlled by that one setting. I'll pass along the idea to look at splitting them up!

Hi Theresa, 

For the details you'd like to remove, are you thinking the lesson type/icons that are shown? If I'm misunderstanding, it would help if you could share a screenshot with some notes on what you'd like to see changed! Thanks. 🙂

Theresa Bala

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the quick response! I meant for the side menu to only show the lesson heading (modules), not the individual pages. In my screen shot it would be that only be the Course Introduction, Safety Coordinator, etc. would show on the menu. If a learner clicks in the menu, then they can see the pages too. In Storyline it can do this by opening with the menu collapsed to just show the headings/module names.

I also like your suggestion of the icon/lesson types not showing on the menu. Is there a way to remove those?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks for the image Theresa! Looks like you're using Sections in Rise? I could see that being helpful to have the individual lesson titles in each section collapsed until the user is in that section, like what you're used to in Storyline. I'll share that with the team as a feature idea!

There isn't a way to remove those icons/types either, but I can pass that idea along as well. I find them really helpful at a quick glance to know if I'll be reading content,  interacting with something, or even taking a quiz.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mamie, 

Could you share more about only showing the course, but not the sub pages?

Typically we refer to the entire item created as a Course (Example Course) and within that, you can have Sections (TOPIC 1) which are like headers/dividers that can break up your Lessons (Watch this Video).  

I took a screenshot of what this would look like on the Introduction screen: 


Darren McNeill

This is very useful. Another step, which I have already requested, is the ability to edit the Lesson Icons on the homepage, as the the default one have no value to the user. The icons should match the topic of the lesson rather than the lesson type. This will be an alternative until we can use our own Lesson icons.

Beth Panzini

Can the width of the left menu be adjusted?  It  takes up a considerable percentage of screen size - almost a third.  We need this to be considerably smaller, to allow for more real estate on the page for the content.

Rise seems to be created with excessive padding both in the title bar (as chatted about above) and in the left menu.  I'd like to request the ability to adjust these sizes as a feature request.

Marcia Kitshoff

I love the fact that you can set the sidebar to open or closed (or not have one at all).

We are experiencing a problem though - once you get past the first screen there is no way to toggle between open or closed. If you want to access the sidebar, you must have it open on the first screen and then scroll past, and vice versa if you want it hidden. The hamburger button disappears after the first screen. This makes it difficult when reaching a point later in the course and possibly wanting to toggle the sidebar visibility.

I am not sure if this is the expected behaviour or if it may be a bug? But can the hamburger button remain available past the first page so we can toggle the sidebar later without having to scroll back to the very first page of the course, please?

Thanking you