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CACI Talent Development

Yes, having the option to export as tin can doesn't really help me if it reports the same info as SCORM. It would be great if it reported other interactions, such as which buttons a user selected. Even better would be a edit setting for each interaction to report via xAPI. I want to report on how many learners are selecting a button to watch a video option of the course over reading content.

David March

This is pretty comical but it just makes me want to cry. Not sure how such important innovations to the eLearning industry such as this get overlooked time and time again by Articulate. This is the perfect example of why eLearning gets such a bad name with those required to take it and especially for those of us that develop it. The comment above (albeit 3 years ago) "The xAPI output of Rise 360 sends essentially THE SAME DATA as SCORM output" is simply heart-breaking. Then "why" even include the feature if it doesn't advance the platforms use in the industry? Why? This is not the only high priority feature that Articulate seems to overlook time and time again. Please read your users comments and stop replying with the canned statement of "Please submit that feature request to our team"! Be transparent and help US to help YOU in promoting your product .... please!