New Storyline Block not functioning in Rise with Continue Divider

Nov 15, 2021


I am inserting a course attestation Storyline 360 block into Rise 360 that when the user clicks on the "I attest" button in the block, the note block below turns from "complete all blocks above" to continue and the course completes in LMS. 

Since Friday, this functionality is no longer working. It works with other courses I have created beautifully, but in a new course I built on Friday (11/12), the functionality is not working. 

All triggers in the SL block are set correctly, all settings in the SL block in Rise are set correctly and the continue divider are set correctly.

If I copy a similar block from another course into this new one, the functionality works fine. It's only in this new course, with a newly published SL block accessed from review 360, does it now work.

Many sets of eyes have looked at this to troubleshoot, but it cannot be figured out. Is there a current bug happening with this functionality that is known and being worked on or is this a new submission bug fix?

I am grateful for any assistance.

*Below Images Blue - Functionality Working; Red - Functionality Not Working

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