New themes - no longer see my cover photo in the side bar menu

Aug 05, 2022

Hi there,

I was trying out the new themes.  Two issues I am having, if I change the theme it changes my colour of my course I already had to the orange or when I do Apex it is lime green.  I already set my theme colour so why is it changing it?

Second, I again played around with the themes went back to the RISE default theme, but now it no longer shows my cover photo in my side bar but instead puts in my theme colour, doesn't look as nice.  And I can not figure out how to get it back the way it was?

Any thoughts?

Three images attached.  My current cover page, the screenshot now that I played with the theme and what the sidebar looks like.  And I have not republished yet so the third is how I want it back, but can't see to do.


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Karl Muller

Hi Teresa,

When you select a new theme, it loads all of the default values for the most recently selected theme, which includes the theme default color.

To get the Rise look back :

Select THEME.

Select Rise.

Select Save and Confirm. 

Select Cover Page.

Choose Left Overlay and Save.

Choose Navigation.

Choose Sidebar.

Choose Light with image and Save.

Choose Back.

Reselect your course Accent Color and Fonts.