Non-Linear Navigation and Completion Triggers in Rise

Jul 18, 2022

Background: I am designing a non-linear corporate compliance course in Rise, where not every lesson will be viewed by all audiences. In the penultimate lesson, I was planning on creating a quiz with certification language and a simple I Agree/I do not agree response. This would be the completion trigger for the course.

Issue: I want to avoid learners just clicking on the Certification lesson and bypassing all the content. In the Course Settings, I changed navigation to Restricted so users can't bypass content. However, by doing that the CONTINUE button in the quiz content block will not appear until all the lessons before have been completed. As I mentioned earlier, this is non-linear and not all lessons will be taken by all learners. I spoke to the SME and the topic of hiding the navigation menu came up and changing the navigation setting back to Free, but I don't think hiding the menu is best practices so I would like to avoid that.

Question: Is there a step or setting that I am missing that will allow for restricted navigation while not requiring the learner to complete all previous lessons in the quiz content block?

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Don! If you wish to allow learners to do a specific lesson only, you can try using an interactive Button block or Button Stacks to direct them to selected lessons as shown in this screenshot. Then at the end of each lesson, you can add another Button block to direct them to the Quiz.

Here's a sample Rise 360 course I created with Button blocks and Button Stacks.

Don Becker


Good morning and Happy Tuesday! I ended up removing that question and used a completion percentage as the completion trigger. I was bummed that Rise wouldn't let me do something that simple. Because of that, along with a couple other reasons, we have migrated back to designing in Storyline for most courses.