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Cass Netzley

Thanks for the post, Michael. I had some of my team bring this to my attention as it's not how numbered lists aligned back in the past. I was about to submit the issue to the Articulate team and make a post on here. 

 Here's a sample from a couple of Rise courses w/ the numbered list block, the past one was exported back in Dec '17 without the offset.  I realize the 'past' one has paragraphs of text differentiating it from the current output with single lines of text, but that shouldn't be a factor in rendering the content properly aligned sans the offset.

Cass Netzley

^ This is something we'd love to be able to do as well. From your example, I think you're in the same boat as us. Our designers find it odd that text colors can be manipulated, but the bullet color can't (out of the list block one that matches the course theme setting).

This limits us with the use of content block background colors and the utilization of our corporate branding primary and secondary color palletes. Considering the 'List' block type defaults to color chosen in the course's theme settings, having control over the color scheme applied to the inline text lists bullets/numbers would be welcomed. 

Michael Guaglione

Cass, it must be a bug that somehow came out with the last update? It really is rough because it's the first thing that people notice. 

It would be great if this issue was resolved quickly. Additional features (like the ones Angela mentioned) would be nice, but something as important as alignment is a "must" in my mind. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey folks, 

Really sorry this bug is affecting all of you. We're working through this with our Product team now, and I'll let you know as soon as I have an update. 

Regarding your question about bullet color and number size, the formatting of bullets and numbers in a text block won't use the custom colors or size you've enabled. I can see how it may help with your course design, so I've shared your thoughts with our team! 

Peter Moore

Hi - I'm getting this mis-aligned bullets and text problem in Rise.  Have tested it in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  They all show the same problem in the same way. It happens with all the bullet styles - numbers, check boxes, bullets.  They seem to be top aligned.  Not a beautiful thing. Is there a workaround or fix?