One Rise Lesson set to marking 50% Course Completion?

Jan 10, 2022

Is this possible? Or do I need more than one lesson in Rise to be able to have my LMS (Workday Learning) mark the Rise course 'complete' after viewing 50%?

I do not want more than one lesson and I do not want a sidebar.

I wouldn't mind 'mark complete on launch' as an option. Will that ever be an option? Thank you.

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Karl Muller

Hi Sandra,

Yes, this is possible for just one Lesson.

Open your course and select the EXPORT page.

Under Tracking , select Track using course completion and set the percentage to 50%.

You can also allow students to mark a Lesson as complete, but the sidebar menu needs to be visible for that option to work.

sandra muir

Hi, Karl. I appreciate the reply.
If that's true, for some reason, that isn't working like that for me.

I do know to set it under tracking, however, I find that it only works with two or more lessons in a Rise course (so the learner only needs to complete one lesson out of two which is 50% of the whole course).

WIth my one lesson - I don't see it letting the learner scroll halfway, close it, and mark complete. They need to get to the bottom of my lesson - which I do not necessarily need them to do.
I tested 90%, 75%, 50%, 25%...they all act the same...finally, I decided to set it at 0%, which, after the learner clicks "BEGIN' and enters the course/lesson, they can EXIT (without scrolling to the bottom) and the LMS will mark it complete. Sort of my way of the 'mark complete on launch' concept.

Maybe Articulate can come up with that!