Put Storyline Interactions Into Rise!

Oct 09, 2017

We’re so excited about the latest new feature in Rise: Storyline blocks!

You can now have the best of both worlds: custom interactivity with Storyline 360 and easy web-based responsive authoring with Rise.

Create any custom interaction you imagine with Storyline 360, and then easily add it to the responsive projects you create in Rise. And of course, your interaction will work perfectly on any device!

To try it out, just make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Storyline 360. Then watch this video by our CTO Arlyn Asch to see how easy it is to add Storyline interactions to your Rise courses.

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Ruth Canton

This is very helpful and just in time!

Sorry to be a nitpicker. In the video, Arlyn didn't demo the phone preview options. 

Is the mobile preview and mobile playback set to improve in the future. Currently, I can't interact with the mobile preview mode and the playback on phones requires the user to click a play icon on a black box (a white box would look nicer). My colleagues don't seem as concerned about this as I am though! :-D  

Elena Tagliati

Great new feature! That is awesome and also perfect timing for my projects!

I  just inserted into Rise a final assessment with questions drawn randomly from the question bank I had built previously in sl360, it works perfectly and it prints the certificate as well.

I have a question on the Pick one or Pick many quizzes: when the learner pick the objects in sl360 they show a coloured border to highlight the selection, then learner can submit the choice(s). When inserted in Rise, the system record the learner's picks ok, but there is no visual indication of the selection (no coloured borders around objects or else). Does anyone have the same kind of issue?

I haven't tried other quiz types yet like drag and drop or hotspots or other freeform. Multiple choices works fine.

Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ruth,

Storyline blocks won’t work when you click the mobile phone icons during preview, but they will work as expected in published output on mobile phones. I understand how helpful it'd be to see Storyline blocks in mobile phone previews, so I've sent your request to our development team. I'll be sure to let you know if we add this feature to Rise.


jon burke

Agree this is a great addition and certainly heading in right direction to add to Rise's fairly limited question options, but not transferring any data from SL panels inserted suggests that you may have popped the cork a little before actually adding the really critical outcome we need to make Rise more saleable to clients. Is there a plan to include the tracking of interactions into an LMS?

With Rise we have half a great jigsaw puzzle and with SL we have another great one 9but with much less responsive behaviour)

fixing the tracking would make it a lot more useful to us (the ones selling your package into the community)

cheers from oz

Tanya Corlett

And thank you again to the Rise team.

Chirpy things like auto-run music headlining a quiz or knowledge block are now doable, and most importantly, can be constructed very fast. This took less than 10 minutes to build (from Rise, to Storyline, to Articulate 360, embed and go).


And, in our SCORM LMS we can still intersperse scored quizzes as part of the learning content, in between pure Rise unscored embedded blocks.

Makes a difference, and now if we could just copy blocks from one course to another, zippo yahoo!


Sabine Schmitz

Unfortunately I have a problem with the implementation of Storyline modules in Rise. Although I have published a couple of storyline projects on Articulate 360, they will not show up, when I click on 'Browse Articulate 360'. I will only see an empty screen. Can you kindly help me with that?