Put Storyline Interactions Into Rise!

Oct 09, 2017

We’re so excited about the latest new feature in Rise: Storyline blocks!

You can now have the best of both worlds: custom interactivity with Storyline 360 and easy web-based responsive authoring with Rise.

Create any custom interaction you imagine with Storyline 360, and then easily add it to the responsive projects you create in Rise. And of course, your interaction will work perfectly on any device!

To try it out, just make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Storyline 360. Then watch this video by our CTO Arlyn Asch to see how easy it is to add Storyline interactions to your Rise courses.

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Ernst Huber

I'm actually a bit disappointed with how Articulate handles this topic. Also, I don't think it's the way videos are displayed on iOS as Articulate claims. On my iPhone I have a clean startup image of the video to play and a semi-transparent button (which is not needed for SL blocks). Actually it should be left to the desgners how their SL block gets started.

Irina Poloubessov

Adam, I must say that this is quite confusing: on mobile "play" button perplexes users if this is not a video content, because they expect video behind (even if textual instruction is given a few lines before - people sometimes are not too attentive), and it takes them a few moments to realize why suddelny you can click on stuff inside. 

Brad Aleman

The current setup on mobile is a big problem for us. If we want to insert a Storyline interaction into Rise, or even just a single basic text slide for formatting reasons, the user sees what basically looks like a video box first. It's an extra click, which creates more friction for the user and makes the experience worse. I know this is intended, but it seems like a very poor choice for both the developer and the user.

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa, many thanks!
I know this is what happens but this is a problem! The affordance of the play button implies a video content -Lean back and watch! And many Storyline interactive module imply action! And the users are confused, they do not understand what happens next!. Please change this functionality, this is super confusing in terms of the user experience. Let "play" button appear on those Storyline blocks which have at least some video content but not pure free of it!

Math Notermans

I completely agree with Irina and Brad ( and dozens of other users) on this, as stated before.
Really inclined to create a poll for these kind of things...so it becomes more transparant to all of us how many times a request has been made... ( and how long ago that was )

I have Storyline blocks that only show a interactive table to work around limitations in Rise ( on mobile ) or a more customized drag and drop. None of those are video's. All just need to show...and then the user can act and click upon it. The default behaviour of the play button on Storyline blocks in Rise is not helpfull...users now have to click twice...to activate the SL block and act upon my interaction... Do make it load and show...no play button ! Leave the action in the Storyline block itself....

Alex Bradley

Hi all, I have read the entirety of this thread - some really great thoughts and contributions - all of which are really helpful. I have found an example of custom interaction within a Rise course that IS responsive and does NOT show a 'play' button above it (at least when viewed on IOS). If anyone knows how this was done I (we all!) would love to know. I can only think that the custom interaction was created using some other authoring tool and NOT Storyline? 

See my other post here to view the example:


Alex Bradley

Hi again, my previous post which I linked to has been greyed out. It appears to have been 'reported' - not sure why. So here's the link to the course I referenced:


As referenced in this article:



Math Notermans

For all that want a better embedding of Storyline blocks into Rise without the 'Big-Black-Mobile-Button' i found a workaround that is shown here in my latest post in this thread. Although it doesnot solve autoplay on Mobiles, you still have to add buttons in your Storyline to enable audio and videoplay. At least it gets rid of the big black play button at start...and you can define how and what you want yourself at start...


Holly Greene


I attended a Rise seminar where it was suggested to use the 16:9 story size when using Storyline in Rise, yet I wonder, if the content is being viewed on a phone does it matter?  Since leaners could be consuming content on a computer, tablet or phone, is there a Storyline size to use when importing into Rise?


Lea Agato

Hi Holly! Most smartphones have an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is probably why the recommendation was to use this size. There is no specific Storyline size that we recommend for importing into Rise, but you can check out this thread for ideas on what members of our community use for their Storyline size.

On a desktop, the Storyline block is displayed within the Rise frame, and you can test how it looks when viewed on a desktop by clicking on the desktop icon when you preview your Rise course.  Storyline blocks won’t work when you click the smartphone preview icons, but they’ll work as expected in published output on smartphones since the Storyline block opens on full screen when viewed on a mobile device.

Kristen Llobrera

Hi! I just wanted to confirm that to insert a Storyline file into Rise, the Rise author must also be the one to publish the Storyline file to Review? I created a Storyline file that my colleague wants to insert into Rise, but it doesn't seem to give her the option because she wasn't the author. I gave her the source file, but she doesn't have the font that I used, plus it just seems like an unnecessary step for her to have to publish it to Review if it's already there. Is the only workaround for me to become a collaborator on her Rise project and put it in myself? It would be nice for this to work more seamlessly for those who work in teams.