Quotation Marks in Rise 360

Jun 17, 2019

Does anyone know if the quotation marks in the Quotes block can be removed?

I want to use the quote block, without the quote marks.

Please advise. /jc

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Crystal Horn

Hi, Loren. I tested the Quote C block, but I didn't get additional quotation marks in the bulleted list. Generally, the quote blocks weren't designed with extra text formatting in mind, but I really like how you organized the quote with bullets.

If you are consistently getting weird formatting, connect with us 1 on 1 by clicking here. We can dig in with you and see if we can get the quote to appear how you expect. Thanks!

Stephen Carris

Quote Carousel feature - I can resize the font, make it bold, italics etc.  However the quotation marks are permanently set and unadjustable.  Surely the developers never intended this?  Please can any formatting changes in the quote carousel immediately be reflected in the quotation marks.  Many learners are visually impaired which renders the quotation marks not FFP for larger font.  It seems the most minor of requests always get a polite "thanks for you feedback!" followed by "if we can...".   Then nothing is done about it...ever.  Seriously Articulate?  You charge a lot for this and I'm sure we all champion your brand.  At least justify our faith in you and get the basics right.  

Holly Kidson

For anyone who's following this thread, I'm using a work around for the project I'm on now. 

Quote blocks B & D allow you to leave either the quote or the author's name blank. You can type your statement, instructions, etc. in one of those fields, delete the other, and adjust your font size so it looks cohesive with the rest of your design.  It may look like alignment is off when you're editing, but when you preview, everything sorts out nicely.

It won't help everyone, but it's something to experiment with while we wait for this update.

Kelly Wood

I would also LOVE to remove the quotes from the quote blocks! I have a need to have small icons next to lines of text and I really need blocks that display like the quote blocks without the quotes. I've tried using the other available options and nothing simulates this.

This seems like a super easy update. Please add ASAP!

Karl Muller

Hi Sarah,

For quote Block C:

  • Delete all text from the quote area and leave it blank.
  • Delete the Author name and add your text in the Name area.

You will still be stuck with a "-" at the start of the text, but at least no quote marks. This may work for some other quote blocks as well.