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Wendy Zopf

Yes, please improve this functionality!  Either a "longer" undo button or previous version feature. 

Just a side note for those who are dealing with this - I have started publishing my Rise modules to Review 360 often.  I still have to recreate a mistakenly deleted block in Rise, but I at least have the text/design from Review to go by since Review has the previous versions feature.  Hope this helps! 

Tim Oberlin

Adding my vote to creating a better information recovery system.

Another solution that might prevent a number of these issues is to have a more protective system for deleting content. Requiring the deletion to be confirmed or even holding the delete button for a second or two before the content would prevent a number of accidental removals.

Spencer Ragland

This is obviously a huge issue. I accidentally deleted a block that had a video attached. The file was added by a previous employee. No way to recover it! Judging by this forum, making an undo option should be a top priority. 

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