Rise 360 - How can you add a hyperlink to an image?

Feb 19, 2020

I am working on a compliance lesson using Rise 360. Part of the lesson is to have learners read a three-page policy and acknowledge they have read it. I'd like to display an image of page 1 and have this image hyperlinked to the actual policy hosted on a company secure SharePoint site.

I know I can include a bullet but would rather not go that route. Also, I know I can use the 'Attachment' block but really need to link it to the 'live' document vs. using a downloaded copy which could potentially change without my knowledge.

Is it possible to include a link on an image using a Rise Block or would I need to do this in Storyline and use the Storyline block?

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Karl Muller

Although it's a very basic function, Rise does not allow you to add a link to an image.

You can add a link to the caption just below the image, but not to the image itself.

Referring to the image you attached, be aware that Rise does not save the state of checkbox blocks.

Finally, you say you would like to link to a document on a secure SharePoint site. If you host your Rise courses on an external LMS, your link to your internal SharePoint will most likely not work.

If your Rise course resides behind your organization firewall it should work.