Rise 360: Javascript, CSS, HTML, etc.

Aug 11, 2021


Are there any plans to open up Rise 360 so that you can use your own CSS and Javascript? At the moment, things are pretty limited. E.g., we cannot use our brand font because headings are always bold in Rise, and our company font shouldn't be bold (and doesn't look good that way).

It would be cool to upload a custom CSS file. Also, embedding custom HTML, Javascript, and SVG with Javascript would open up lots of opportunities. 

One of the biggest drawbacks of Rise is that everything looks the same. There is no way to distinguish your product from that of a competitor.

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Michael! Thanks for this feedback! Headings in Rise 360 are bold by default to differentiate it from the Body font, and there isn't a way to remove the bold formatting at this time.

There aren't any plans right now to allow custom CSS or JS within the Rise 360 dashboard. The community may chime in on how they've worked around this.

Thanks for letting us know you need that option!

Michael K

I know how to work around this if you mean that I can hack around after export. We stopped doing this as it is not a viable approach in the long run. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone (no online review possible, requires editing files after each export, difficult to share standards, etc.).

It would be cool if you could talk about this with your team. I see so much untapped potential here.

In the long run, you could even consider a marketplace model where people can sell/buy themes, components, etc.