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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike and Thom, 

Our team shares upcoming features on the “What’s New” page and you'll also find a list of all the features and fixes implemented in Rise by viewing the Rise Version history page. 

I haven't heard a lot of requests for options to add or edit the CSS, but if you can share a bit more detail as a feature request that'll be something our product team would love to hear more on! 

Thomas  Welsh

Lloyd's YouTube example is great! I am finding that I want to tweak the font sizes, margins, padding, etc. I'm trying to reduce the amount of scrolling required. I have been adding rules to the file main.bundle.CSS and it works fine. Does anyone have examples of basic override rules (for those experienced with CSS) that work as a starting point for projects? I'd rather not have to create everything from scratch.