Possibility to add custom CSS in Rise

Sep 12, 2018

Hi there,

I was wondering if it's possible to add custom CSS in Rise. If not, does anybody know if it's on the roadmap?

Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike and Thom, 

Our team shares upcoming features on the “What’s New” page and you'll also find a list of all the features and fixes implemented in Rise by viewing the Rise Version history page. 

I haven't heard a lot of requests for options to add or edit the CSS, but if you can share a bit more detail as a feature request that'll be something our product team would love to hear more on! 

Thomas  Welsh

Lloyd's YouTube example is great! I am finding that I want to tweak the font sizes, margins, padding, etc. I'm trying to reduce the amount of scrolling required. I have been adding rules to the file main.bundle.CSS and it works fine. Does anyone have examples of basic override rules (for those experienced with CSS) that work as a starting point for projects? I'd rather not have to create everything from scratch.

gundelach@distel-digital.de Digital

The MVP version would be a text-field in the RISE editor, where we could paste the URL of our own custom css file. That should get referenced in the articulate file. That should do the job. 

When the long awaited feature for saving and reusing custom themes finally comes, of course the css reference should also be made there.


We currently have no way to adapt our hundreds of courses to our visual design, which is still evolving, without tediously going into every single one by hand.

Steven Benassi

Hi Distel Digital!

Thanks for sharing the feedback on the type of functionality you would like to see in Rise 360!

We are tracking an open feature request to allow a custom CSS option when authoring in Rise 360. I've linked this discussion to the feature report and will provide updates if it makes it onto our Feature Roadmap.

Phil Foss

Distel, can you give a couple examples of what you are changing on your courses one-by-one? I've also had to do this (on several courses, but not hundreds) and beyond the theme 'settings' it was usually a very small typography change that required a lot of time to make globally consistent.

Tom Welsh

Not sure, if this helps, but I have been adding custom CSS to the end of the largest CSS file in the RISE>LIB folder after publishing.  You have to add the custom code every time after you publish. See the attachment.  I do this to add things like borders around videos, removing the navigation panel, etc.

Alexander Weinhuber

We look forward to hopefully seeing this in the feature roadmap soon. A dynamic style injection to display content in different colors would greatly reduce the workload, e.g. to display the same content for different customers.

For starters, consistent CSS classes and documentation would already suffice. Currently, style injections are almost useless, as CSS classes change with different releases.