Branching - Rise within Rise.

Branching within RISE within RISE...
I've been working on branching within RISE. If you turn off the navigation elements of RISE and use your own buttons it is relatively easy to create a branched scenario. However, if you want to keep all the elements of navigation and just have one section branch you would need to use a storyline block.

I've found a way around this if you want your branching to be built in RISE:

Create 2 modules, 1 for the main piece and one for the branched scenario.

In your main navigation module and a block to hold an embed where you want the branched section to appear.

In your branched module ensure you have turned off all navigation, set to no sidebar and hidden the author.

Complete your branched module using the button for the navigation. Really easy in RISE.

Export your branched module as html

Create a CSS style sheet including the following line:

/*Title block*/
.page__header{display: none;

  • Add a line to the index.html file:

<!--custom css-->
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="lib/custom.css">

  • Where custom.css is the name of your newly created css file.
  • Delete the goodbye.html file
  • Host your updated website somewhere
  • In your main (unbranched module) update the embed to point at newly hosted pages, in an iFrame. (You might need to add a / at the end of the src address depending on your hosting.
  • Do lots of testing.
  • Bob's your uncle.
  • Pray Articulate does not do anything to stop this working.

An example in action:

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Steve Morey

It works fine in an LMS. The main file is the same as ever. You are using RISE to create web pages that are called through the iFRame in the main page. Unless you want to start making outside of RISE changes to the main file you can just post to your LMS as normal. 


NB: updated after I realised that my previous response was incorrect.