Rise 360 not creating a .zip file when exporting

Mar 02, 2022

Hello! My LMS requires that the file is a .zip file, and when exporting from Rise 360, the file doesn't end with .zip. I select "LMS" and "Scorm 1.2" when exporting and this is the file name for the compressed zip file:


How do I get Rise 360 to export a .zip file? My LMS will not accept the file as is even though it is a zipped Scorm file.

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Karl Muller

Hi Elizabeth,

Rise can only output two file types: PDF or ZIP.

If you choose to export for either LMS or WEB, the output will create a ZIP file.

If you are using Windows, the file you are looking is most likely a ZIP file, but you are just not seeing the ZIP file extension.

By default Windows will not show file extensions.

Open File Explorer, select the VIEW tab, and verify that File name extensions is checked.