Rise 360 Question Banks Categories

Jul 12, 2022

With the new question banks in Rise 360, is there a way to assign a category or topic to a question?  One of the things we try to do is to find out if there are specific topics that people are missing on quizzes.  We use Cornerstone as our LMS and the built-in Assessment tool allows us to do this.  The only problem is that the UX in Cornerstone is a bit clunky for the learner.  I was hoping to be able to switch to Rise for our assessments because the UX is more user-friendly, but we would need to be able to assign a category or topic to each question.    

2 Replies
Gren Foronda

Hi Melanie! Try creating your question banks by topic. You can also group your banks into folders. That should make it easier to add the right questions to your quizzes. Check out this article for more detail!  

We send question bank identifiers to your LMS, so you may be able to surface frequently missed topics depending on your reporting options in the LMS.