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Sarah Read

I have a teammate that I told to use "RISE 360" to start a trial to create content until we could get the PO for a license. He mistakenly got a trial to "RISE" the authoring/LMS tool. He spent three weeks working in RISE only to find out once the PO went through that not only can he not get that content over to RISE 360, he can't export it. Its 3 weeks of LOST WORK. No where within the trial process do they explain the differences between the two. This is FRAUD. Its the same company, their engineering teams should have a solution to this or there messaging should change. It makes me angry enough to almost go learn Captivate so we can take all of our business elsewhere. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kathleen. First, I'm sorry you've had a negative experience with Rise.com. I see that you worked with Lea in Rise to talk about the differences between Rise 360 and Rise.com. You're right that there isn't a public Share link in Rise.com like in Rise 360.

For other Rise.com users following along: If you have a specific use case for your Rise.com content, we want to hear about it and see how we can help! You can reach Rise specialists by chatting with us right in Rise.com.