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Valerie Butler

I have a module where I am explaining many job roles within a department. To give learners a way to process and apply all the information I wanted to have each role listed in a category and then have them drop specific scenarios on the role that would handle it. I need way more than four categories to do this, so I also would like to see the ability to add more than four roles. Thanks!

Aaron Henke

That is understandable, maybe you could add in a statement saying do not use more than four categories if you a re developing for mobile applications.  Current state for our org, is that no one is using a mobile device to take courses.  For us it doesn't make since to limit the software capabilities because of mobile devices.

Chino Navarro

Hi Aaron, thanks for letting us know that you are interested in having more than four categories in the sorting activity block. Also, thanks for sharing your idea about having a statement about using more than four categories with a mobile device. I will share this with my team, and if we make any changes that can help, I will let you know.